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Jazz & Lindy Hop

Curious Planet

Wide range of jazz in beautiful outdoor location – every Thur

These cats play every Thur night outdoors at the park in Hayes Valley. Starting at 6pm until 8ish. Their music is wonderful and accessible and you’ll often find folks dancing around and enjoying the outdoor atmosphere.

Lots of wonderful restaurants nearby to do take out and eat in the park while listening to them. Also, don’t forget to enjoy some of my favorite ice cream right there at [hf-card-link=”/recommendations/ice_cream/recommendation/rdjfhrwmx”]Smitten[/hf-card-link] or a block away at [hf-card-link=”/recommendations/ice_cream/recommendation/rfvcblw”]Salt and Straw[/hf-card-link]! Amazing ice cream, music, park atmosphere, and more. What could be a better way to enjoy a night out?

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Jazz & Lindy Hop

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Jazz & Lindy Hop