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Places to eat

Off The Grid (Upper Haight & Other Locations)

A rotating, diverse selection of food trucks appear in groups in different places for lunch and dinner all over the city. Check out the full lineup. A San Francisco treat!

One of the best eating experiences in the city…wonderful atmospheres and great food. Food trucks gather in different places throughout the city for both lunch and dinner. Click here for the full lineup. The two closest ones from our house are:

  1. Sunday in the Summer for brunch in the Presidio – A beautiful walk from our house through the Presidio, which I write about [hf-card-link=”/recommendations/attractions/recommendation/the-presidio”]here[/hf-card-link]
  2. Thursday dinner in the Haight – right were Waller St meets Golden Gate Park. The pin drop you see is for this location. It’s a nice walk through Golden Gate Park (when it’s light; if it’s dark, walk around it).

My favorite trucks are Senior Sisig (Filipino Fusion) – get the California Burrito with french fries in it; and don’t forget to “silog it” by adding a fried egg); and Bobcha (Korean) – love both the Bobcha Burrito and the Cup Bob.

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